Arnprior District HS

59 Ottawa St., Arnprior, ON K7S 1X2
  • Principal: Tom Havey
  • Vice Principal: Tanya McNab
  • Secretary: Sally Gill/Anna Hunter
  • Phone: (613) 623-3183
Collapse description Grade Structure and Family of Schools
  • Grade Structure: 9 - 12
  • Family of Schools: Arnprior

The grade range of this school, program(s) offered (at elementary schools), the family of schools that it belongs to (ie. the Intermediate/Secondary school into which it students transition.)

Collapse description Staff Summary
  • Total FTE: 55.63
  • Teaching FTE: 38.00
  • Non-Teaching FTE: 17.6

FTE (Full Time Equivalent) indicates the total number of school staff, including those working partial hours, represented as full time status as of March 31, 2019. Non-Teaching staff refers to the sum of administrative, classroom/student support and other staff.

Collapse description Non-Teaching Staff Summary
  • Administrative FTE: 2
  • Classroom/Student Support FTE: 5.5
  • Other FTE: 10.13

Breakdown of non-teaching staff FTE into administrative (principal/vice principal), classroom/student support (ECE, ESP, SSC), and other (clerical, custodial). Where elementary and secondary are co-located or K-12 schools, "other staff" are normally captured with the secondary side, while most "classroom/student support" are capture on the elementary side. FTE is as of March 31, 2019 and can change throughout the year.

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Collapse description
Utilization - Oct. 31st 2018
(Utilization - Oct. 2017)
55% (55%)

Total enrolment as a % of permanent pupil spaces (OTG Capacity) in the school. The alternate value provided in brackets represents the previous year utilization figure.

Collapse description
Cross Boundary Regular Program Inflow
(% of Enrolment)
21 (4%)

Number of pupils in the Regular program who attend the school, but live in another school's boundary (Updated fall 2018).

Collapse description
Cross Boundary Regular Program Outflow
(% of Residents)
3 (0.6%)

Number of pupils in the Regular program who live in a school's boundary, but choose to attend another school (Updated fall 2018).

Collapse description
Enrolment History - Actuals 584

Five year history of enrolments (total bodies) at the school on October 31st of each year. Enrolment numbers will vary over the course of the school year as students enter and depart the system. Hover over the data points in the graph to see the total school enrolment for that year.

Collapse description School Capacity - OTG 1071

OTG means "On-the-Ground" capacity and represents the total permanent pupil places in the school as reported, as of October 2018, in the Ministry of Education's School Facilities Inventory System (SFIS).

Collapse description
Indigenous Ancestry - Students
(Board Average)
1.7% (5.0%)

The percentage of the school's 2018 enrolment that have self-identified as being of Indigenous descent as per OnSIS.

Collapse description Portables On Site
  • Portables (or Portapak): 0

As reported in the Ministry of Education School Facilities Inventory System (SFIS), as of October 2018.

Collapse description
Surplus Student Spaces 487

The extent to which the school's 2018 enrolment compares to its (OTG) Capacity. A negative value indicates a shortfall of permanent pupil spaces compared to total school capacity (excluding portables). A positive value indicates surplus pupil places compared to total school capacity.


Collapse description School Building Details
  • Date of Construction: 1875
  • Size of School Site: 2.43 Hectares
  • Building Area: 14828.6 Sq. m.

Note: Date of construction refers to the original structure and does not include additions that may have occurred since that time.

Collapse description Room Details
  • Total Number of Rooms: 58
  • Classrooms: 31
  • Other Areas: 27

"Other Areas" includes resource rooms, specialized music rooms, gymnasia and other permanent specialized spaces identified in the School Facilities Inventory System (does not include portable classrooms).

Collapse description
Facility Condition Index
(Board Average)
41% (30%)

Facility Condition Index (FCI) indicates the overall repair needs of the school building compared to the replacement cost of the building. Generally speaking, a lower % FCI represents an overall better building condition compared to a higher % FCI. The alternate figure provided in brackets represents the average FCI of all RCDSB school buildings overall. Information on the assessed condition of Ontario schools is gathered in five-year cycles, the first of which took place from 2011 to 2015. The program is currently in year two of its second cycle (2016 to 2020).

Collapse description
Per Pupil Utility Costs
(Board Average)
$355.09 ($301.77)

Total 2017-18 utility costs (heating, electricity and water) of the school divided by total October 31, 2018 enrolment. Value displayed is dollars per pupil.

Collapse description
Per Sq. M. Utility Costs
(Board Average)
$13.98 ($17.89)

Total 2017-18 utility costs (heating, electricity and water) of the school divided by the size of the building footprint. Value is dollars per square metre.

Collapse description
Community Use - Hours
(Board Total)
3949.50 (37436.75)

Number of hours of community use recorded at the school is based on Booking Report data system for a 12 month period between September 1, 2018 and August 31, 2019. Symbol indicates whether school has above average, average, or below average community usage compared to the Board average.


Collapse description Proximity to School
  • Longest Distance: 52.49 km
  • Average Distance: 16.37 km
  • Board Average Distance: 16.37 km

The longest, and average, ride distance (in kilometres) between a student's pick up address to the school. Based on data from RCJTC, August 2019.

Collapse description
Transportation - Eligible
(Board Avg. = 69%)
59% (353)

Percent and number of students eligible for transportation under school board policy as administered by the Transportation Consortium. Based on data from RCJTC, August 2019.

Collapse description
Transportation -
Not Eligible
(Board Avg. = 31%)
41% (245)

Percent and number of students not eligible for transportation under school board policy as administered by the Transportation Consortium. Based on data from RCJTC, August 2019.

Collapse description Transportation - Length of Bus Ride
  • Longest: 94 minute(s)
  • School Average: 31 minute(s)
  • Board Average: 31 minute(s)

The longest, and average, school bus ride times for students to the school (in minutes). Based on data from RCJTC, August 2019.


Collapse description
Birth Trend - 6 Year -2%

The change in the average number of births per year. Calculated by comparing the most recent 3 years vs. the 3 years before that.

Collapse description
Population Pressure +1.6%

The difference between the group of children that will be eligible to enter the school over the next 3 years vs. the group aging out of the school (4 years is used in schools with small youth populations).

Collapse description
Migration +1.2%

A measure of the net impact of families moving in and out of this catchment area annually, based on the 5 year average.

Collapse description
(Board Average)
10.2% (11.3%)

The proportion of the community's population that move in the year prior to the Census. Source: Census 2016